math skills 2

Leapster Games for Math skills

Many people are well aware that Leapster has the ability to transform boring math concepts into cool games. If you attempt to teach your children mathematical concepts using the old school ways, you would probably […]

mental math exercises

Mental Excerices for Kids and Memory

In very simple words, mental arithmetic is using the human mind to figure out and calculate math problems. It is the fastest humanly possible way to solve arithmetic problems. It is also a very important […]

fitness for children

Popular misunderstandings about fitness

Technology is often blamed more and more for our lazy habits nowadays. This line of reasoning is sophisticated twentieth-century atavism at its illogical best. I mean we just do not want to blame our own […]

fitness for children 4

How physically fit children are also mentally fit

Brain experts from the University of Illinois have just published a study linking physical fitness with brain development in 9-11 year old children. Date from this study suggests that physically fit children perform better than […]

fitness for children

Fun Fitness for kids

Every single day we come to know that the people around us are becoming more and more obese. Why is that so? Is this just about our dietary choices? I dont think so. Yes, fatty […]

field trips for students
Field Trips

Theatre field trips for kids

Field trips are arguably the most exciting things of the year for students. For teachers, its quite ther opposite. For them, it is surely one of the toughest periods of the year. There’s logistics to […]